Capitalize on Both Your Data & Your Knowledge

FPDynamix is designed to integrate your first principles knowledge about a problem with insights derived from operational data. This insures that models are founded upon true causal relationships rather than noise or coincidental behavior in the data.  FPDynamix extends fuzzy logic principles to achieve more verifiable and stable models than traditional fuzzy techniques, but it retains the intuitive fuzzy logic framework for specifying models.

Fuzzy logic has been widely implemented in intelligent control applications ranging from anti-lock breaking systems to hand jitter control in camcorders. Today, it is emerging as a viable tool for commercial data mining applications. FPDynamix is ideal for applications in which you have a general idea of the underlying principles and/or you want to use historical data to refine model behavior in a controlled manner. 

  • Integrate first principles knowledge with historical data

  • Intuitive model building interface

  • Verifiable decision logic for real-time auditing of model behavior

  • Rule editing via decision matrix or single rule views

To see FPDynamix in action, check out the demo page.